If you are a developer, you would probably know the risk of remediation works and associated costs during the Home Building Act and Strata Bond Scheme’s warranty period is significantly reduced when there is a regular independent review during construction. And even though all due care and responsibility may have been taken to ensure your project’s design meets NCC and Australian Standards, how can you be certain that potential design risks have been identified?

We offer independent design reviews of your building façade’s high-risk water ingress areas, and we provide design input and specifications for waterproofing to external building elements and internal wet areas. By engaging us, you’ll mitigate the risks of water ingress, costly remediation, and damage to your reputation as a developer.

How we can help

The Construction Adviser provide design input during the project design phase as well as provide quality reviews during construction. Our team can offer the following expert support to your project:

  • Design review of external façade elements, including construction details and potential areas of risk
  • Detailed waterproofing systems design for basement and podium levels, external balconies, rooftops, and internal wet area bathrooms
  • Detailed waterproof membrane product specification for each area of the project requiring waterproofing
  • Regular quality assurance inspections during construction with our field reports, identifying any builder’s defects against the adherence to project specifications, NCC, and Australian Standards
  • Condition reports of building elements identifying any builder’s defects prior to handover and recommendations for rectification.


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