Several things can make or break a case, and not being able to fully comprehend the evidence or truly count on your expert witness should not be a factor. The Construction Adviser can help you fully understand all technical or forensic data and reporting to help you make the most informed decisions about the case. We also provide an expert witness service.

How we can help

Our construction consultants and engineers have proven knowledge and capabilities in all areas of the construction process. Our team of experts have extensive practical experience and we also understand the inner workings, relevant codes and standards as well as design complications, and construction material requirements. We offer professional services such as:

  • Defect inspection and expert reports
  • Conclaves
  • Court attendance as an expert
  • Expert liability reports
  • Expert reports-in-reply
  • Remediation scope of works
  • Field reports

Our team are trained critical expert witnesses and offer a high level of litigated support to involved parties. We are:

  • trained in expert witness testimony and report writing by Unisearch and Experts Direct.
  • able to help clients assess technical aspects of the case through thorough research and documentation of facts.
  • known in our respective industries, as many of our team have dedicated their careers to their areas of expertise, which can provide clients with a level of certainty and clarity to any complex case.
  • able to assist with trial preparation, including education on the facts found in the forensic reporting, researching current laws, and producing appropriate trial graphics.
  • aware of the definitions and challenges associated with applying Australian Standards, the performance requirements of the National Construction Codes, and the applicable Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions.
  • trained to embody the critical attributes needed on claims and legal matters as plaintiff or defence and have served as expert witnesses in Tribunal, District and Supreme Court.
  • transparent about our areas of expertise, and if a matter beyond our proficiencies requires further investigation, we can assist in briefing other experts to help identify issues.
  • natural collaborators and interact with all involved parties, including barristers, other experts, and insurance claims professionals.


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