Reviving the Role of Clerk of Works in Australian Construction: A TCA Initiative

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Reviving the Role of Clerk of Works in Australian Construction: A TCA Initiative
February 02, 2024

What is a Clerk of Works and What Do They Do?

The history of the Clerk of Works in the Australian construction sector is deeply rooted in their indispensable role as overseers of construction projects. Traditionally, Clerks of Works were entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that design plans were executed with precision and that materials and workmanship met the specified standards. Their attention to detail contributed significantly to the industry's reputation for high-quality craftsmanship.


Why Did They Disappear?

In the late 1990s, there was a notable decline in the presence of Clerks of Works, coinciding with a worrying decrease in the overall quality of construction. The industry witnessed a shift towards self-regulation, with builders and contractors assuming greater responsibility for quality assurance. Economic considerations led to a reduction in roles perceived as ancillary, contributing to the disappearance of this critical oversight. The absence of Clerks of Works allowed for a decline in craftsmanship and adherence to standards, impacting the quality of construction projects


Why Are They Now Required?

Recognising the correlation between the disappearance of Clerks of Works and the decline in construction quality, there is a growing acknowledgment of their essential role in ensuring project excellence. TCA is at the forefront of spearheading the return of Clerks of Works as a fundamental aspect of mainstream construction. In an era where the industry faces complex challenges, TCA's initiative seeks to reintroduce and elevate this role. The drastic decline in construction quality, knowledge, and training necessitates a resurgence of experienced inspectors.


Why TCA Are Prime Candidates to Fulfill This Role

At TCA, our team of highly qualified and trained inspectors, led by Stan Giaouris, brings decades of experience across various construction aspects. Stan Giaouris, with a Bachelor of Building in Construction Management, Cert III in Construction Waterproofing, and numerous certifications, is a licensed builder and a DBPA Building Practitioner.


George Nikolas, with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and extensive certifications, brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Pramod Thebe, holding a Master of Civil Engineering (Structural) and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, adds significant expertise, as does Sulav Guantum, with a Master of Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

Our inspectors are not only equipped with the knowledge and experience required to fulfil the role of Clerks of Works but are committed to ensuring that each project adheres to the required standards of code compliance. TCA's revitalized focus on quality assurance aligns with our mission to inspire craftsmanship and integrity within the construction industry, making us the prime candidates to usher in a new era of construction excellence.


Connect with us to bring back the essence of quality in construction and embrace the expertise of TCA’s Clerk of Works.

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