What Does It Take To Build a Successful Construction Company?

What Does It Take To Build a Successful Construction Company?
November 08, 2023

The construction industry is known for its challenges and opportunities and is the backbone of the Australian economy. As someone who is a senior university lecturer in construction at UTS and with over 25 years of experience, my journey has encompassed a deep dive into this world, from monumental projects like the Sydney CBD railway infrastructure in 2000 and growing my own construction company to starting TCA in 2018 and growing it today into the leading waterproofing and general building consultancy in Australia. Recently, a former employee reached out to me for advice on how to establish a successful building company. His frustration with subpar workmanship, shortcuts, deceit, and a toxic work culture echoed a sentiment many up and coming construction professionals feel. He felt it was time to start his own business and was earnest about doing things differently. 


Many highly skilled builders and developers underinvest in their own development, from people skills to business, technological, and emotional intelligence. They complain time and staffing issues, and it is precisely this mindset that traps many hardworking people in an endless and exhausting cycle. It prompted me to reflect on the principles and wisdom I've gathered along the way, what worked, what didn’t and which I believe are essential for building a successful construction business.


Prioritise Respect Over Popularity  

It is crucial to understand that being respected outweighs being universally liked. Building a reputation for integrity, honesty, and reliability is of paramount importance in the construction industry. When people respect your values and how you conduct yourself, they are more likely to trust your judgment and your company's ability to deliver. This trust can lead to long-lasting relationships, repeat business, and referrals, even when the truth may be tough to hear. Your customers, peers, and team know they can rely on you when you act honourably, regardless of the pressures placed on you. 



Act in the Project's Best Interest

Each construction project comes with its unique demands, whether it's luxury, commercial, hospitality, or residential. Understanding and consistently aligning your approach with the project's best interests is paramount. Luxury projects demand unwavering quality, commercial ventures require speed and efficiency, hospitality focuses on aesthetics and short-term appeal, and residential projects should minimise defects and reduce repair costs. Adhering to these specific project outcomes, beyond client expectations, showcases expertise and reliability.



Leverage Networking

Joining your local Master Builders division and actively participating in industry committees can be a game-changer. Networking expands your knowledge base, creates opportunities for collaboration, and fuels your business growth. It offers insights into industry trends, helps you find potential partners, and establishes your company's presence in the community. It also helps you keep your finger on the pulse with your competitors and instead of undercutting each other forming a co-opetition.  



Continuous Learning and Accreditation

The construction industry is experiencing innovation breakthroughs, with new technologies, materials, and best practices emerging regularly. Staying up to date through training, courses, and relevant accreditations is not just an option; it is a necessity. Continuous learning enhances your company's credibility and equips you to tackle new challenges and opportunities.   



Consider Controlled Growth

While fast growth may seem like the ideal progression, it is essential to evaluate its impact on profitability and resource allocation. Sometimes, staying small and focused can be more lucrative, akin to being a "small giant" in your niche, rather than rapid growth which can lead to increased overhead costs, reduced profit margins and business failure. Carefully assess the balance between expansion and maintaining control to ensure a healthy bottom line. The ideal scenario is a dynamic business with streamlined processes and systems.



In addition to these fundamental principles, it is crucial to underscore the importance of other key elements in building a successful construction company: 


A. The Significance of Hiring and Working with a Great Team

A construction business is only as strong as its team. Surround yourself with skilled and motivated professionals who share your commitment to excellence. 



B. The Power of Silence and Strategic Planning

Building in silence can be a powerful strategy. While your competitors may not know your every move, it allows you to make well-thought-out decisions and stay steps ahead.



C. Learning About Financial Management, Cash Flow, and Marketing

A deep understanding of financial management, cash flow, and effective marketing is essential for a sustainable and profitable construction business. 



D. Understanding True Leadership and People Management

Leadership is more than a title. It's about inspiring and managing people effectively to achieve common goals. Invest in your leadership and people management skills. 



E. Identifying and Overcoming Inner Obstacles

Often, our inner obstacles, like self-doubt or fear of failure, can hold us back. Recognise and address these obstacles to unleash your full potential.  



F. Working with Mentors and Coaches

Mentors and coaches can provide guidance, perspective, and support as you navigate the complexities of growth.


Building a successful construction company is more than delivering projects; it's about building trust, adapting to project-specific needs, leveraging industry connections, staying informed, and making strategic growth decisions. When these principles and elements are consistently applied, they can lead to long-term success and a respected position in the field. The construction industry is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about the relationships, reputation, and principles that form the foundation of a thriving business.


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